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Phragmipedium Flasks and Compots
When possible, we will offer flasks and compots of RKG crosses here and some crosses from other hybridizers as well. PLEASE NOTE: Phrag seedlings are relatively easy to grow when small, but due to genetic factors, a few species and hybrids can be very difficult to raise just out of flask, or as community pots. If you are not experienced in growing seedlings or a particular type of Phrag species or hybrid, we urge you to contact us and ask any questions you may have before ordering. Shipping and transplanting can be very stressful for small seedlings - especially those just out of flask. WE CANNOT REPLACE OR REFUND FLASKS, JUST DEFLASKED SEEDLINGS, OR COMMUNITY POTS EXCEPT FOR DAMAGE IN SHIPPING -- ALL SUCH REPLACEMENTS AND REFUNDS MUST BE REQUESTED WITHIN ONE WEEK OF RECEIPT OF THE ORDER. Flasks will be shipped "out of flask" only, with very few exceptions. Community pots may be shipped bare root or in-pot, depending on the size and characteristics of the individual community pot.

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